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Our school and our philosophy: Cossata Summers’ philosophy is best described by the famous old adage, “A sound mind in a sound body.” We are striving to achieve our goal through well-organized classrooms, active lifestyles during numerous summer trips, and a balanced diet based on the local Mediterranean cuisine.

Our small class sizes of 18 students or less ensure that everyone has the support they need to succeed.

Our students are academically involved, display good ethical values, and have a willingness to collaborate with their peers.

Our Ontario certified teachers are passionate about their subject area. They all have 3+ years of experience, and are currently working in the Ontario public school system.

Our trips are carefully spread between teaching days, providing the necessary mental and physical breaks to students. Fresh, local fruit is supplied twice a day on teaching days.

Student safety is our priority. Our students are supervised at all times. The ratio of students to supervisors is 9:1.

At Cossara, we motivate students to value their education and develop a positive attitude toward learning. Through each of the courses we offer, we’re committed to helping every student reach his or her potential and achieve a successful outcome from their school experience with us. Through a variety of cultural experiences, we help students develop a broader perspective on education, travel, and life.

Our principal

Valeria Daskalov is the owner and principal of Cossara Summers Education Centre. She graduated mathematics at Sofia University, the oldest university in her native Bulgaria that offers the most comprehensive mathematics program in the country.

After immigrating to Canada, Valeria became a high school math teacher and has been teaching in the GTA for over 20 years.

Valeria and her husband are avid travellers, and share this passion with their two grown children.

Valeria believes in the importance of education and the enormous impact of travelling on young people. This belief led her to create a program that offers the right balance between an academically strong education, and inspired travel.

Who is Cossara?

Cossara, also called Theodora Cossara, was the eldest daughter of the Bulgarian Tsar Samuel. There is scarce information about her, often mixed with legends recorded in different chronicles. A beautiful romantic tale recounts how she met her husband, Prince Jovan Vladimir of Duklja, which is part of Montenegro today.

In the year 1010, Tzar Samuel defeated the army of Duklja and captured soldiers that were later put in prison. At the time, Cossara was a young lady known for her kind and compassionate heart. After hearing about the imprisoned soldiers, Cossara begged her father to let her and her maids visit the soldiers and wash their feet and heads. Her father granted her wish.

One of the prisoners made a big impression on Cossara. She was smitten by his humility and gentle manners, by his handsome appearance, and by his speech that was full of wisdom and knowledge. This was Prince Jovan Vladimir (or John Vladimir) of Duklja. Cossara fell in love with the prince, and begged her father for the prince’s hand. Tzar Samuel allowed the marriage, deciding to return Duklja to his new-son-in-law, allowing him to rule his new subjects more easily.

The story of Cossara and Vladimir, often mixed with mythical parts, could not sway too far from history. A few years after the marriage, after the death of Tzar Samuel, Cossara’s cousin killed her husband and her only brother.

Cossara and Vladimir had a daughter, who married the prince of Zeta, part of today’s Serbia.

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